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      Ø    All booking fees are due when you send in your signed contract.  If you want a discounted breeding make sure to get your contract and fees in by the dead lines.  All booking fees are made payable to: SILVERWOOD FARM

Ø    Booking and stud fees are as follows: ART DECO : $400 booking + $1400 stud fee, if contract and booking fee are received by Silverwood Farm before March 1st. Thereafter Art Deco’s booking and stud fee are $400 + $1600. HALL OF FAME’S booking and stud fees are: $400 booking + $1000 stud fee if contract and booking fee are received by Silverwood Farm before March 1st.  There after His booking and stud fees are $400 booking + $1200 stud fee.  STATE OF THE ART’S booking and stud fees are: $400 booking + $800 stud fee if contract and booking fee are received by Silverwood Farm before March 1st There after His booking and stud fees are $400 booking + $1000 stud fee. SPECTRUM’S  fee is $400 booking + $800 stud fee if contract and booking fee are received by March 1st There after His booking and stud fees are $400 booking + $1000 stud fee.   We will be offering a *50% discount off his stud fee to any mares of the Samber line i.e.: if they are by Art Deco, Domino, Hall of Fame, etc. and any premium STUDBOOK mare of recognized WB registry  *Must have proof of pedigree i.e.: papers, breed certificate and for premium mares must have premium Mare (not foal) documentation.  SEMPATICO’S booking and stud fees are as follows: $400 booking + $1400 stud fee for any NON TOBIANO, for TOBIANO Warmblood mares $400 booking + $2600 stud fee,  for NON Warmblood TOBIANO mares stud fee and booking are: $400 booking  +  $1600 stud fee. $200 can be saved off of Sempaticos above fees by booking by March 1st  All fees are made payable to Silverwood Farm

Ø    You can receive a 10% discount off the stud fees (booking fee not included) , if you pay in full at time of booking-this offer is only available until March 1st. You can also receive discounts off stud fees for mares of high quality, multiple bookings, Pony Club, 4H, etc. Please consult with Silverwood Farm to see if you may be eligible. The above discount is not combinable with other special offers and discounts that Silverwood maybe offering

Ø    The $200 container/shipping deposits are made payable to Silverwood Farm, If you choose Paypal/pay as you go or a credit card on file with us then the deposit is not necessary.  All shipping costs are deducted from this deposit. $25 a day is charged for any container not returned within 15 days of receiving shipment, cost of return containers is that of the mare owner/breeder—any container return to us COD will be refused or billed at the return fee + a $50 service fee.  Any refunds or bills that go over deposit are refunded or billed at the end of breeding season, on or around October 1st.  A $400 container deposit is required if you request an Equitanier and an additional $50 per shipment, Equitaniers must be returned via overnight shipping within 5 days of receiving shipment.

Ø    Your breeding certificate/report will arrive in your first shipment.  Please make sure that you and your vet follow the instructions, this is an important document and you will need to retain the original for your records and future registration of the foal.  Please DO NOT return any portion of the report to us before your mare is declared at lest 60 days in foal or if you have decided to wait until following season to breed.  Please take a moment to read the sample certificate provided.

Ø    Shipment orders must be received no later than 12:00 noon EST on day of shipment for over night delivery and no later than 10:00 am for airport shipments.  Please do NOT order days/weeks in advance. 

Ø    OUR BREEDING SHED CLOSES SEPTEMBER 1ST.  We will try to accommodate later breeding, if it doses not interfere with end of the show season. 

Ø    We do not ship or collect on Saturdays or Sundays and on some very rare weekdays if we have to leave for a long show.  We do ship 5 days a week including Fridays -the shipments are good throughout the weekend, so do try to foresee if you’ll need a weekend shipment and check with our show schedule.

Ø    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call we will try to help you any way that we can.

 Thank you.



39331 Rodeffer Rd.

Lovettsville, VA. 20180

Phone/Fax (540) 822-9110




This contract, dated this ___________ day of ____________________, Yr. _________, by and between SILVERWOOD FARM, INC. (hereinafter "Silverwood")  the mare owner and stallion owner.

 NAME: __________________________________________________________  (hereinafter "mare owner")

 ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________

 ________________________________________________  PHONE #: _______________________________

PHONE #: _______________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________


Stallion Owner: __________________________________________________   (hereinafter "stallion owner")




By their signatures to this contract, the mare owner confirms a reservation to breed the  mare :

NAME:___________________________________  REG. ____________________#_____________________

Sire:______________________________________  Dam: __________________________________________

To the stallion__________________________, if the stallion is alive, fit to breed and standing at Silverwood, under the following terms and conditions.




1.   The mare owner shall pay a non-refundable booking fee of $  $400.00   The booking fee is due payable to Silverwood upon the execution of this contract.     

      The mare owner shall pay a stud  fee of $__________ due payable to Silverwood /stallion owner before mare is bred.

            The mare owner shall pay a non-refundable lab/shipping fee of   $*80.00  for pick up at Silverwood Farm.       *$160.00   , for an overnight shipment.   *$180.00  , for a Friday to Saturday shipment;   *$305.00   from airport (Dulles),  *$370.00   , from airport (National), for every Shipment, or collection.  These fees will be taken from a $200.00 container deposit, which is due before first semen shipment.  Any remaining deposit or fees that go over deposit will be billed or refunded at end of breeding season on or around October 1st of the year mare is bred, unless shipping fees go $200 over current deposit, then they will be billed before next shipment. A $20 discount per shipment/collection will be applied if you “pay as you go” via Paypal; payments can be made on our website at: or at: payment to  or if you pick up at Silverwood Farm and pay via cash or check at time of pick up. *Prices for collections subject to change without notice, due to changing fuel costs/price, supply costs and shipping charges.

 2.   The mare owner shall return a copy of mare's papers and photo (please send photo with self addressed envelope if it is to be returned) with this contract.  This contract is subject to acceptance of the mare/mares by Silverwood/stallion owner.  If the mare/mares is not acceptable to Silverwood/stallion owner, at its sole option, Silverwood shall return the booking fee to the mare owner, and this contract shall be void.

 3.   The mare owner shall be entitled to re-breed the mare until the mare delivers a foal (a Pinto foal  in the case of a breeding to State of the Art or Sempatico) that stands and nurses.  This guarantee shall apply only if the BREEDING REPORTS-breeding soundness, insemination and pregnancy, or loss of pregnancy report (if applicable) are returned according to the instructions therein.  IF THESE REPORTS ARE NOT RECEIVED BY SILVERWOOD AS INSTRUCTED, ALL GUARANTEES, REFUNDS, BREEDINGS, OR REGISTRATION POSSIBILITIES ARE NULL AND VOID.  The provisions and instructions of the breeding soundness, insemination, pregnancy and the loss of pregnancy reports are hereby incorporated into this contract and made a part hereof, and the parties agree to abide by said provisions and instructions.  The breeding report/certificate will come packaged with the first semen shipment of the breeding year, please make sure to have your vet fill out the form.  Your vet will also need to verify on the certificate that the mare was cultured prior to breeding.

 4.   If a licensed veterinarian determines that the mare is unsuitable for breeding, the mare owner may substitute a new mare, subject to acceptance of a new breeding mare by Silverwood.  This substitute mare shall be bred under the same terms and conditions as the original mare.

 5.   In the event of breeding by transported semen, mare owner shall give Silverwood advance notice of request for shipment no later than 12 noon on the day of shipment.  Mare owner shall pay, in addition to the booking and breeding fees, all reasonable and actual costs of transporting the semen from Silverwood to mare owner, as well as insemination of the mare by mare owner's veterinarian and the expense of returning the container to Silverwood Farm.

 6.   The mare owner shall reimburse Silverwood for all semen shipment expenses.  There will be a $25.00 late/rental fee per day if the semen container is not returned to Silverwood within 15 days of shipment and a $30.00 replacement fee ($400 for Equitianers) if the container is not returned to Silverwood within 30 (10 days for Equitaners) days of shipment or if not received in reusable condition.  The mare owner shall remit a container deposit of $200.00 by separate check before semen shipment.  The shipment costs will be deducted from the $200.00 deposit and any remaining deposit money will be refunded at the end of breeding season (on or around October 1).     

7.   Silverwood assumes responsibility only to deliver live semen in viable condition at the time of delivery to the mare owner or agent.  The mare owner shall assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whatsoever by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, including inappropriate, untimely, or negligent insemination or failure of insemination, and therefore releases discharges, indemnifies and holds harmless Silverwood/stallion owner, its employees, agents, officers and directors, from any liability for any and all damages associated therewith.  The mare owner hereby agrees to pay all expenses and attorney's fees incurred by Silverwood /stallion owner in defending any claims for which the mare owner has agreed to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Silverwood/stallion owner, its agents, employees, officers and directors. 

8.   The mare owner agrees to use the shipped semen only on the mare named above in this contract and shall have a licensed veterinarian verify in writing that the shipped semen has been used only to inseminate the mare named above in this contract.  The mare owner agrees to deliver such certification to Silverwood within the breed report provisions, instructions and deadlines. 

9.   If the above described Silverwood stallion is not available to Silverwood for re-breeding, and if re-breeding is necessary, Silverwood may, at its option, and mare owner's approval, substitute another stallion for breeding to the mare.  Silverwood is not liable for refunds, re-breedings, or any other claims for stallions standing at Silverwood that are not owned by Silverwood or Elizabeth Hall.   Owners of other stallions standing at Silverwood hereby agree to all provisions and terms in this contract, and hereby agree to be liable for any and all refunds, rebreedings or claims, paid to them by mare owner. Notwithstanding the above, the mare owner also shall remain responsible for paying any new fees, for covering mare and any other fees incurred by Silverwood /stallion owner on behalf of or for the benefit of the mare owner. 

10.  The live foal guarantee mentioned in paragraph 3 above is expressly contingent upon the mare owner properly caring for the pregnant mare.  Proper care shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, proper feeding and nutrition, regular deworming with products approved for pregnant mares, vaccinations that are customary in the mare owners geographical area, and  proper intervention during foaling if necessary. 

11.  If the mare is not covered, bred or delivers a live foal within 4 (four) years, starting from January first (1) of the year the contract was signed, the contract will be null and void and no refunds, rebreedings, or fees will be returned/given to Mare owner.  The non refundable booking fee is recharged if this contract is carried into a third year,  This will renew the contract for two (2) additional years starting from January first. 

12.  All billing statements shall be paid to Silverwood /stallion owner within ten days of the billing date.  Interest at the rate of one percent (1%) per month shall be charged on all balances unpaid and overdue for 30 days, and the customer hereby agrees to pay such interest and concurs that said interest in a reasonable charge on overdue accounts.  If the customer fails to pay any amount due hereunder for more than 30 days after the billing date, Silverwood/stallion owner  may immediately accelerate all other amounts due under this contract upon written notice to the mare owner, and all amounts so accelerated shall be immediately due and payable.  In addition, if the mare owner fails to pay any amount due hereunder for more than 30 days after the billing date, Silverwood /stallion owner is not obliged to perform further under the contract until all past-due amounts have been paid current. 

13.  The mare owner may not assign any rights or delegate any duties under this contract without the prior written consent of Silverwood. 

14.  No delay or failure by Silverwood /stallion owner to exercise any right under this contract shall be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy otherwise available to Silverwood. 

15.  This contract contains the entire understanding of the parties and may be modified only by a writing signed by all parties.  The invalidity or unenforceability of any term or provision of this contract shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions hereunder.  This contract shall be construed and governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the parties expressly agree the jurisdiction and venue for any and all disputes arising under this contract shall be proper only in Loudoun County, Virginia.  In the event that Silverwood/stallion owner incurs attorney's fees and/or legal costs in securing or protecting any right available to it under this contract or under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the customer agrees to pay said attorney's fees and costs. 


Date: _______________   Mare Owner: ________________________________________________


 Date: _______________   Silverwood:  _________________________________________________
President, Silverwood Farm, Inc.

 Date:_______________   Stallion Owner: _______________________________________________
(If stallion is not owned by Silverwood)


 THE BREEDING REPORTS MENTIONED IN THIS CONTRACT; Will be sent in your first shipment.



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